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*What do you get when you combine a creepy alien horde,a bad a-ss robot named E-poch, and a slammin soundtrack by the talented RoccoW?

A classic arcade shooter, Find and destroy the queen at all costs!

A race of underground creatures known as the "Tide" has taken over most of planet earth.
Any humans left are scattered throughout the world in small colonies. As a last resort a team of marines and a state of the art droid (Code Name E-Poch) were sent deep into the earth in search of the tide queen. The last transmission received was from the badly damaged droid, all marines had been wiped out...
the droid was to continue the mission alone...


-6 heart pounding levels.

-Various enemy types with unique A.I.

-Beautiful hand drawn artwork.

-End boss battle.

-4 DNA transformations.

-Intense chiptune soundtrack by the amazing RoccoW.

-Difficult don't blink action.


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Overide-Default- 25 MB