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Life can be stressful and at times moves way too fast, take some time out of your busy schedule and relax with the Underlings! 


In an unknown location among an almost forgotten culture, every 100 years a unique individual is chosen...

The time has come and you are the lucky soul who has been selected to watch over the underling sanctuary. We have left you everything you need to make the underling sanctuary a thriving ecosystem.

We hope you find peace, love and happiness and most of all Complete Enlightenment.
The Underling Master 


A click and drag, creature and plant simulation game, with a zen-like atmosphere. Raise a variety of underlings and plants while relaxing to soothing music and surroundings. Enlightenment is gained as you raise your underlings and plants in your garden. Higher enlightenment reveals new items in the shop, new underlings, and new seed types. 


-Relaxing music and atmosphere.

-Unique hand drawn artwork.

-Raise a variety of underlings and plants in your secret garden.

-Arrange your garden how you see fit.

-Plants and underlings all have their own growth cycles.

-Attract rare insects to your garden that can be caught and collected.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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The Underlings-Default- 59 MB